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Leibinger JET3 printers are made in Germany with the well-established LEIBINGER logo prove their reliability and capacity daily. The JET3 is easy to integrate into existing machines. The round and sturdy print head can be installed in each direction. Several up-to-date interfaces like Ethernet, USB and so on, are available for optimal connection. The stainless steel cabinet offers the protection class IP 54 and for rough environments, the JET3pro with the protection class IP 65 is ideally suitable.

LEIBINGER JET3 is the state-of-the-art inkjet printer which achieves requirements for marking and coding systems in the industrial environment for the present and future. Highest availability, highest efficiency, various opportunities for integration and easiest handling. Typical attributes for quality “made in Germany”.

Major Advantages

  • Excellent print quality
  • No compressed air supply needed
  • Easiest refilling of ink / solvent during production
  • All software functions implemented in standard version (no additional charge for SW-modules).
  • Update to the latest SW-version by software-download
  • Highest reliability by full-automatic regulation of all parameters (pressure, vicosity and drop break off)
  • Minimum maintenance by renunciation of continually working pump
  • Minimum operating expenses, power consumption 50 VA as a maximum
  • Minimum consumption costs up to 133 million characters (7 x 5) / 1 ltr of ink solvent < 6 ml/h (20°C)


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