Jet Rapid

The JET Rapid is the ideal printer for high output and an exceptionally wide variety of applications.It combines top speed with absolute reliability, and it guarantees legible codes and maximum efficiency for production.
For use-by dates or batch marking – the JET Rapid makes highly efficient production easy and flexible.
• Packaging films
• Food packaging
• Beverage cans
• Beverage bottles
• Lottery tickets
Keep your production running as fast as possible!

Leibinger developed a special high-speed print head for extremely fast printing applications. It can be used very flexibly for all product surfaces and materials, and it allows a font height of 2 mm (5×5 matrix or chimney marking).

Speed up your production process!
The JET Rapid adapts entirely to your needs and production environment.
It supplies print heads that are suitable for a variety of applications and industries.

• Increased production thanks to the highest printing speeds ever
• High-quality codes – high legible even at print speeds of up to 800 m/min
• Manufactured to Leibinger’s high quality standards
• Various fast-drying inks for different surfaces
• Lowest energy consumption
• Intuitive use with the Windows-based 10.4” touch display
• Easy integration via interfaces such as Ethernet and I/O signals
• Non-impact marking of up to five lines
• Over 800 user-friendly functions
• Any installation position of the print head
• 24-month warranty, guaranteed spare parts availability for 8 years
• All software updates included
• Transparent maintenance and long service intervals
• Minimal solvent consumption and uninterrupted production thanks to SEALTRONIC
• Industry-specific configured models for marking and coding